Information for Moderator and Speakers

Disclosure of COI

Disclosure of Conflict of Interest (COI) is required.

Sample Slide (PPT)

Information on the day of the Congress held as a virtual forma

This is to inform you that ASCVTS2022 has decided to change meeting format from hybrid to virtual (Zoom), considering the impact of the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) infection.
We would like to ask you to participate the meeting remotely.
We apologize for the inconvenience caused to all concerned regarding this change in the holding format.
We would like to explain the flow of your session operated by remote live as follows.

<Important preparation in advance>

Please install the latest version of the Zoom Meetings app on your PC in advance.
*Zoom Meetings Download:
*Even if you had already installed the application, please update it to the latest one.

<How to log in to Zoom>

Please access the Zoom URL to enter the session room “60 minutes” before the session start, in order to have explanation of the flow of the session using Zoom Meetings from operator in advance.
After the explanation, the chairs will have a meeting for the session with the speakers.

The login URL on the day will be notified by email one week before the session.

*If you have already installed the Zoom app in your PC, you can enter the session on Zoom Meetings directly with a click on the login URL.

*If you have not installed the Zoom app yet,
“Download Zoom” screen will appear, so press “Download”.
When the download is completed, the session screen will appear automatically.

*Please start the session, when the operator signals to chair.
*All the presentations will be broadcasted on Zoom, using the lecture data which speakers had already submitted *Speakers are requested to join discussions.

If you have not registered your recorded lecture data prior to congress,
please be advised to present your lecture PPT data by using "Share Screen" function of Zoom by yourself in the session you attend.

<Other requests>

*Wired LAN environment is appreciated for stable connection to Zoom meeting
instead of wireless LAN environment.
*Please avoid noise and access to Zoom at a quiet place as much as possible.
*Make sure your PC is equipped with a camera, speaker and microphone.
*Please use earphones with microphone or headset with microphone, as far as possible,
*During the session, please close all unnecessary applications on your PC.

For further detail, please check “Lectures using Zoom” (PDF)

Lectures using Zoom (PDF)

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