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Abstract Submission Guidelines

Sessions which you can submit abstracts

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Free Papers
(Required if you choose Free Papers as your desired session type)

A1 Fontan operation; long-term outcome and new approach
A2 complex TGA & DORV;surgical procedures & outcomes
A3 Systemic AtrioVentricular-valve surgery in pediatric population
A4 Systemic outlet-valve surgery in pediatric population
A5 Aortic root operation for pediatric patients
A6 TOF including PA 
A9 Arch anomaly
A11 Surgery for Pediatric heart failure
B1 Lung cancer; early stage
B2 Current status of surgey in  for Mediastinum tumor 
B3 Lung cancer; advanced stage, challenging surgery
B4 Robotic Surgery
B5 Single port surgery for lung cancer
B6 New strategies for esophageal cancer
B7 Multidisciplinary approach for N2 lung cancer
B8 Immunotherapy and lung cancer surgery
B9 Video dabate session: approach for lung cancer
B10 3D image in general thoracic surgery
B11 Malignant mesothelioma (EPP or PD)
B12 Video dabate session: approach for SST
C1 Acute type A aortic dissection
C2 Root surgery (especially valve sparing surgery) for aortic dissection
C3 Frozen elephant trunk in Asia
C4 Arch surgery for elderly and/or shaggy aorta
C5 Extended aortic arch aneurysm
C6 Chronic type B and TAAA surgery- debate for open surgery vs TEVAR
C7 Chronic type B and TAAA surgery- measures for spinal protection
C8 Preemptive TEVAR for type B aortic dissection
C9 TEVAR for chronic type B aortic dissection
C10 TEVAR for zone 0 & 1
C11 How to treat AAA (rupture and non-rupture)- debate for open surgery vs EVAR
C12 Development and upgrading aortic surgery program in Asia
C13 Redo aortic surgery (after open surgery and after TEVAR)
C14 Congenital aortic anomaly
C15 Infectious aortic disease including graft infection
C16 Familial aortic disease
D2 Minimmary invasive CABG
D3 Mitral valve repair for complicated lsion
D4 Mitral valve repair  for active infective endocarditis
D5 Minimmary invasive Valve surgery
D6 Valve-sparing Aortic root replacement
D7 Aortic valve repair
D8 Surgery for  extensive infective endocarditis
D9 TAVR vs rapid deploying valve
D10 Surgery for functional MR
D11 Maze procedure and its modification
D12 Heart transplantation/LVAD
D13 Impella/ECMO (Mechaniucal support for acute cardiogenic shock)
OTH ( enter the proper classification)  

Video Session
(Required if you choose Video Session as your desired session type)

V1 Nightmare case presentation
V2 Interesting case
V3 Novel operation
V4 Others

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